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BENEFITS Strategic Principal Associated Non members


- Access to ITxPT Wiki* (access depending
on membership level)


- Participate in the ITxPT community
(workshop, website, brochure, exhibitions, tours…)


Working Groups

- Participate in working groups
- Draft specification
- Approve final specifications





Use of test & integration platforms

- Physical access to platforms
- Remote access to platforms

10 days/year
50 days/year
2 days/year
10 days/year


- Eligible to Executive Board

FOR MODULE PRODUCERS ONLY Strategic Principal Associated Non members

Compliance validation

- Validation of modules in order to receive the ITxPT label
 and inclusion in reference Catalogue

4 modules/year
4 k€ /additional
2 modules/year
5 k€ /additional
10 k€ 
per module
10 k€ 
per module

Reference installation in the test & integration platforms

- Permanent Installation of modules (hardware or software)
 in the test & integration platforms

* WIKI Strategic Principal Associated Non members
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MEMBERSHIP Strategic Principal Associated  
Public Transport Authorities ** From 2 k€/year
to 10 k€/year
⬅︎ Direct access
to Strategic level
Free with 
letter of support
Public Transport Operators 15 k€/year ** From 2 k€/year
to 10 k€/year
Free with 
letter of support
Industry SME 20 k€/year 10 k€/year 2 k€/year  
Industry LTE 30 k€/year 20 k€/year 2 k€/year  

** Up to 200 buses: 2 k€,
from 201 to 500 buses: 5 k€,
from 501 to 800 buses: 8 k€,
over 800 buses: 10 k€

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