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If you wish to become a member, please get in touch with Anders Selling, ITxPT Secretary General :

BENEFITS Strategic Principal Associated Non members


Access to ITxPT Documentation Centre
(access depending on membership level)


Participate in the ITxPT community
(workshop, website, brochure, exhibitions, tours…)


Working Groups

- Participate in working groups
- Draft specification
- Approve final specifications





Use of ITxPT Laboratory 

- Physical access to platforms
- Remote access to platforms

10 days/year
50 days/year
2 days/year
10 days/year
 price on request  price on request

Compliance validation

Validation of units (modules, vehicles, backoffices) in order to receive the ITxPT label and inclusion in reference Catalogue

4 units/year
price of additional unit on request
2 units/year
price of additional unit on request
price on request price on request

Reference installation in the ITxPT laboratory

Permanent Installation of modules in the ITxPT laboratory  (hardware or software)



Eligible to Executive Board

DOCUMENTATION CENTRE Strategic Principal Associated Non members
General information
Specifications & Guidelines
ITxPT label - Catalogue
ITxPT label - Procedure
ITxPT label - Technical platform
ITxPT label - Test templates    
ITxPT label - Tools    
Working groups
Association documents - General assemblies  
Association documents - Workshops  
Association documents - Boards      
MEMBERSHIP Strategic Principal Associated  
Public Transport Authorities ** From 2 k€/year
to 10 k€/year
⬅︎ Direct access
to Strategic level
Public Transport Operators 15 k€/year ** From 2 k€/year
to 10 k€/year
Industry SME 20 k€/year 10 k€/year 2 k€/year  
Industry LE 30 k€/year 20 k€/year 2 k€/year  

** Up to 200 buses: 2 k€,
from 201 to 500 buses: 5 k€,
from 501 to 800 buses: 8 k€,
over 800 buses: 10 k€