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Trunexa press release about joining ITxPT


The Montreal-based information technology company recently issued a press release announcing that they join ITxPT as an Associate member. Trunexa as an information technology company focusing on building next-generation devices for public transportation fully supports the global implementation of open data standards in public transport.


December 2021 Members Meeting


On the 9th of December, ITxPT held the fourth and final Members Meeting and second General Assembly of 2021. The well-attended meeting contained interesting reports from new Principal ITxPT member De Lijn about their upcoming ITxPT implementation and an outside view on ITxPT from guest speaker and consultant Søren Sørensen. Another important topic for the day was the ITxPT roadmap and adding another year to it.

ICT for RAILWAYS in Toulouse December 7-8 2021


The ICT for RAILWAYS international workshop illustrates how standardization and research in the field of information and communication technologies contribute together to the evolution and competitiveness of the rail sector. Laurent Llerena and Sylviane Roullier from SNCF presented the importance of ITxPT.

Access to data – why is it so important?


Today, access to and ownership of your data is a strategic necessity in all areas of operation. For public transport authorities and operators, it is no less accurate. The information is vital for the public transport entities, but it is also essential for the cities, regions, and countries. Another area where the data is central is in relation to other mobility actors, for example, when developing Mobility as a...

4PT Press Release – new ITxPT Principal member


The Danish IT supplier 4PT joins ITxPT. Since 2020 4PT has been a dedicated company, with a focus on providing ITxPT certified hardware and software/firmware to operate in accordance with the ITxPT standards. We welcome 4PT to the collaborative community. Read the 4PT press release.

Implementation workshops – sharing experience


To enable public transport authorities and operators to share their experiences from implementing ITxPT, learn from each other, and exchange ideas among peers, we initiate a series of workshops. The first session will discuss De Lijn’s planned implementation case, and PTA and PTO members of ITxPT are welcome to join the discussion. De Lijn is run by the Flemish government in Belgium, providing public transportation with about 2240 buses and...

Requirements Committee – Multimodal Ticketing


The Requirements Committee dedicated the 3rd of November meeting to the multimodal ticketing pre-study almost entirely, with Requirements Committee Chairman Guido di Pasquale, Minna Soininen, director of the Finnish Public Transport Association, and John Peter Veldkamp Manager Mobility Solutions, Payments, and Innovation at Ximedes sharing their insights on the topic.