September 29 Members Meeting


On September 29, ITxPT held the third Members Meeting of 2022. The online meeting addressed several exciting topics, like Heavy Rail, Cybersecurity and the ITxPT awareness program. The attendees were also updated on what has happened since the last meeting and informed of upcoming activities.


ITxPT specifications version 2.2.0 released

The ITxPT Collaborative Community just released a new version of the Technical Specification, approved by the Executive Board on...


ITxPT at Innotrans

Innotrans in Berlin, Germany on 20-23 September 2022


ITxPT at EuMo Expo

European Mobility Expo in Paris, France on 7-9 June 2022.


ITxPT one-minute video

One-minute film explaining ITxPT!


Beijer Electronics joins ITxPT

Beijer Electronics has joined the ITxPT organization in order to support the development and implementation of IT architecture for...


ITxPT at IT-Trans

The ITxPT Team visits IT-Trans in Karlsruhe, Germany on 10-12 May 2022.


March 2022 Members Meeting

On the 24th of March, ITxPT held the first Members Meeting of 2022. The meeting addressed many exciting topics,...


NFI joins ITxPT

NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), a leading independent bus and coach manufacturer and a leader in electric mass mobility solutions,...


Implementation workshop – De Lijn

To enable public transport authorities and operators to share experiences from implementing ITxPT, and to exchange ideas, ITxPT initiated...


Welcoming new members

ITxPT is growing fast in terms of the number of members, geographical spread, and market penetration. Therefore, we would...


2021 ITxPT Activity Report

The 2021 ITxPT Activity Report is now available! 2021 was a successful year for ITxPT, and the growth from...


Be at the digital heartbeat of Mobility!

We are looking for a laboratory assistant, test engineer, or software engineer in Gothenburg. Are you fresh out of...


Trunexa press release about joining ITxPT

The Montreal-based information technology company recently issued a press release announcing that they join ITxPT as an Associate member....


December 2021 Members Meeting

On the 9th of December, ITxPT held the fourth and final Members Meeting and second General Assembly of 2021....


ICT for RAILWAYS in Toulouse December 7-8 2021

The ICT for RAILWAYS international workshop illustrates how standardization and research in the field of information and communication technologies...


Access to data – why is it so important?

Today, access to and ownership of your data is a strategic necessity in all areas of operation. For public...


4PT Press Release – new ITxPT Principal member

The Danish IT supplier 4PT joins ITxPT. Since 2020 4PT has been a dedicated company, with a focus on...


Implementation workshops – sharing experience

To enable public transport authorities and operators to share their experiences from implementing ITxPT, learn from each other, and...


Requirements Committee – Multimodal Ticketing

The Requirements Committee dedicated the 3rd of November meeting to the multimodal ticketing pre-study almost entirely, with Requirements Committee...


Passenger Information and Login Services move forward

On the 20th of October, the ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee held two joint meetings to start the...


The ITxPT committees resumed after the summer

After pausing the meetings over the summer, the Requirements Committee and the Technical Committee have both just resumed their...


ITxPT and Västtrafik at Lindholmen Open Day

Watch Sture Hedin from Västtrafik and Anders Selling from ITxPT talk about the industry collaboration project RIVSILOn and its...


Mobility as a Service – How it connects to ITxPT

Mobility as a Service is part of a fundamental disruptor in society: Everything-as-a-Service. Product ownership shifts toward service consumption,...


September 2021 Members Meeting

The 16th of September ITxPT Members Meeting was a well-attended and successful kick-off for the autumn activities. The main...


How ITxPT specifications are created

The releases of new specification versions can be seen as the fundamental drivers of all work within the ITxPT...


Welcoming new members

ITxPT is growing fast in terms of the number of members, geographical spread, and market penetration. Therefore, we would...


Welcoming Lars Paape to ITxPT

At ITxPT, we are pleased to announce Lars Paape as our latest addition to the team. He will be...


ITxPT implementation survey

Are you a Public Transport or Mobility actor? This summer we launched an open online survey on the ITxPT implementation....


2021 Half-year review

The year opened strong for the ITxPT collaborative community, releasing version 2.1.1 specifications in January. In the spring, we...


June 2021 Members Meeting report

The well-attended meeting concluded a productive period for ITxPT. The first half of 2021 has seen a high activity...


ORing Joins ITxPT

The Taiwanese IT supplier ORing recently joined ITxPT. We welcome them to the ITxPT Collaborative Community. Read the ORing...


ITxPT Board approves documents and specifications

The Technical Committee and the Technical Work Groups have been productive, and the Board has recently approved an update of TR-001,...


Preview Releases and Public Drafts

The ITxPT Technical Committee has added two new types of releases for documents/specifications. This article explains the functions and...


ITxPT releases complementary 2.1.1 material!

Following the release of the 2.1.1 specifications earlier this year, ITxPT has now released complementary material to the 2.1.1...


Requirements Committee News

The ITxPT Requirements Committee is an important part of the disruptive transformation from proprietary silo solutions to an open...


EV Charging infrastructure data workshop

On the 7th of May, ITxPT held a workshop on charging infrastructure data for electric vehicles. The well-attended meeting...


Transport for London procures iBus2 services

Transport for London (TfL), an ITxPT Strategic member company, has commenced the procurement of new automatic vehicle location, operational...


March 25th ITxPT Members Meeting report.

Secretary General Anders Selling moderated the well-attended remote meeting, with over a hundred members who had signed up. For...


2020 ITxPT Activity Report

The 2020 ITxPT Activity Report is available.


2021 ITxPT Roadmap

Following the preparation work done by the ITxPT Collaborative Community, the Requirements Committee updated the Roadmap for 2021. The...


Newest ITxPT employees Anastasia and André

Meet the two newest ITxPT employees – Anastasia Founta and André Fougeront. Anastasia has, since she joined the ITxPT...


Report from Data4PT plenary meeting

On the 2nd of February, the Data4PT consortium held the first of two plenary meetings for 2021. It was...


PSI press release: Joined ITxPT

Berlin, February 5 2021 – PSI Transcom GmbH has joined the Association Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT). As...


Committee report – Roadmap and specifications update

After the holiday break, the ITxPT committees restarted their activities by reviewing the roadmap for 2021 and kicking off...


Welcoming new members

We welcome our newest members to the collaborative community. The influx of members continues to grow, thanks to word...


ITxPT specifications version 2.1.1 released

The ITxPT Collaborative Community just released a new version of the Technical Specification, approved by the Executive Board on...


Season’s Greetings from ITxPT

As a different and challenging year closes to its end, we would like to thank all members for your engagement...


ITxPT committees November-December

We saw an intense activity and outcome of our committees, working groups, and subgroups during November and the beginning...


ITxPT Specification – what do the numbers mean?

What is semantic versioning? We have all seen software releases with a series of numbers to show which version...


ITxPT welcomes Belden as a new Member

Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has become a member of ITxPT. As...


Transamo visits our Paris lab

On the 20th of October, we had an interesting discussion in our Paris lab. Transamo visited for a walk-through...


New ITxPT Members 2020

We want to welcome all new members in 2020. Thanks to word of mouth, tenders, the need for open data,...


Technical Committee – documents for review

After a busy October, the new ITxPT specification patch version 2.1.1 and some of the Technical Requirements from the...


ITxPT – Technical Manager of Data4PT

When the European Commission selected ITxPT as the Technical Manager for Data4PT, it recognized its central role in EU mobility standards. Within the project, ITxPT cooperates with the project coordinator UITP and nine different EU-member states in the Data4PT consortium.


Data4PT consortium meeting report

The 21st of October was the first regular Data4PT consortium meeting after the kickoff in March. ITxPT, as the...


Requirements Committee – Login Working Group launched

At the Requirements Committee meeting on the 14th of October, the Login Service Working Group was launched with Anastasia...


Requirements Committee #15 – Local Ambassadors

The 30th of September Requirements Committee meeting discussed how to engage more members in the committees and working groups....


Rivsilon case study

Read about the Rivsilon project in the ITxPT Rivsilon Case Study. You can also get more into details about...


Technical Committee meeting – new ITxPT Team member

On the 23rd of September meeting, Secretary General Anders Selling introduced Ole Anders Bae, who has joined the ITxPT team to drive the next release of...


Requirements Committee – meet the new Chairman

The first meeting chaired by newly elected Guido Di Pasquale was well attended and had a meet-and-greet feeling. After...


New Committee Chairs elected

The 9th of September Executive Board meeting consolidated the implementation of the Requirements Committee and a new governance process...


Technical Committee meeting – a roadmap to evolution

The 9th of September Technical Committee meeting revolved around the ITxPT roadmap towards a new specification release, the upcoming election of chairpersons, and...


Requirements Committee meeting – thanking Jemima Woolverton

The Requirements Committee meeting on the 2nd of September was a bit special since it was the last one...


Technical Committee with data centric focus

The very productive and well attended Technical Committee meeting on the 26th of August revolved around Working Group 1 - Data-centric - and its...


Election – Chair positions for ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee

On the 9th of September, the positions of ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee Chairs are up for election....


Your National Access Points to mobility data are ramping up!

ITxPT is the Tech Partner of DATA4PT EU project and supports the implementation of National Access Point (NAP) through...


ITxTP summer break

ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee will enter the 2020 summer break!


ITxPT and automated vehicles

About the integration of autonomous vehicles within public transport


Members Meeting concluding a productive winter and spring

The 25th of June online Members Meeting concluded a highly intense and productive period for the ITxPT Collaborative Community, since the Rome Members Meeting in November. 


2019 ITxPT Activity Report

The 2019 ITxPT Activity Report is available.


ITxPT is Tech Partner in the EU project DATA4PT

The EU project Data4PT will support the implementation of data exchange standards and models to fulfil service providers needs...


New Members : Welcome Bustec, Stratio Automotive and STIB/MIVB

The Members community of ITxPT welcomes more and more Members. Find hereunder information related to Bustec, Stratio Automotive and...


Situation Report on Covid-19 crisis and ITxPT activities

The Covid-19 is impacting everyone and we wanted to provide you with some information regarding the ITxPT Association and...


New Members : Welcome Skantech, Norled and Finnish Public Transport Association

ITxPT welcomes these three new Members. Skantech joined the Association last year already while Norled and Finnish Public Transport...



ITxPT will exhibit at IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe on 3-5 March.


ITxPT welcomes Tisséo Collectivités

Tisséo Collectivités: first French PT Authority to join ITxPT! Find out more about Tisséo.


ITxPT Technical Specification 2.1 Released

Since last week, the 2.1 updates specifications have been published and are available. You can retrieve them on the...


Interview of Secretary General

Busforce interviewed Secretary General Anders Selling. They started out with a short question and got a really long answer...


ITxPT at Busworld 2019 in Brussels

Busworld Europe 2019 was held on October 18-23 in Brussels. The event, co-organised by UITP, gathered more than 70...


New Members to Join ITxPT: Welcome ISR Corp, CH-Direct and Tronteq!

ITxPT is enthusiast to see its number of Members growing and to welcome new Principal Member (Tronteq), Associated Member...


ITxPT Welcomes Two New Associated Members: METRON and CIBEST

The Association welcomes two new Members. CIBEST and METRON joined the ITxPT community as Associated Members in the past...


Metrotek and MLC ITS Join the ITxPT Community

ITxPT Community keeps on growing and we want to give a warm welcome two new joiners: Metrotek joined the...


ITxPT Elected New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

On June 11th, the ITxPT Executive Board elected Terje Storhaug from Ruter AS as Chairman and Umberto Guida from...


ITxPT Welcomes Three New Members: Host Mobility, SNCB and Solaris

ITxPT is delighted to welcome its three new members to join the Association as Associated Members: Host Mobility, SNCB and...


49 ITxPT Members at the UITP Summit in Stockholm

On 9-12th June ITxPT was in Stockholm for the 2019 edition of the Global Public Transport Summit organized by...


Kentkart Receives the ITxPT Label for KV280 QR Validator

Kentkart has recently received the first ITxPT label for a Fare Collection Terminal, KV280 QR Validator. The terminal has...


ITxPT Welcomes Three New Members: Gaia, Thoreb and NetModule

ITxPT welcomes three new Members: Gaia and Thoreb recently joined the Association as Principal Members and NetModule, which is...


Sagasystem Receives the ITxPT Label for Tenix VCG

Sagasystem has officially received the ITxPT label for Tenix VCG, which states that the device is in compliance with...


Lecip and Kiho Join the ITxPT Community as Associated Members

ITxPT welcomes two new Members: Lecip and Kiho that joined the Association in the past months.


ITxPT Members Meeting #10 in Geneva

On 2-3 April, ITxPT organized its Members Meeting in Geneva. During the two-day event, members were offered to take...


Arcobel and InTraffic Join ITxPT as Associated Members

ITxPT is happy to welcome on board two new Associated Members: Arcobel and InTraffic.


ITxPT Welcomes Three New Members: ATRON, DRESEARCH and Fleetech

ATRON has recently joined the association as a Principal Member while DRESEARCH and Fleetech are new Associated Members.


M-Comp’s Adbit HUB Module Receives the ITxPT Label

The ITxPT laboratory has recently delivered the final labeling report stating that the Adbit HUB module had been labelled...


Adibus Joins ITxPT & SNCF Upgrades its Membership

ITxPT has seen a dynamic growth in the recent months, with many new members joining the association and existing...


Owasys Joins ITxPT as an Associated Member

Owasys, a design and manufacturing engineering company within the M2M/IoT market, has recently joined ITxPT as an Associated Member.


ITxPT 2018 Summary – from 60 to 102 Members!

2018 has been in many ways a favourable and encouraging year for ITxPT. There has been a growing interest from...


Fältcom Receives the ITxPT Label for the IOT-GATEWAY MIIPS

The ITxPT label means that the MIIPS unit from Fältcom (part of Telia) is compliant with the ITxPT standard for public transport...


ITxPT Welcomes Three New Members: M-COMP, Bestmile and SEIPRA Score

ITxPT welcomes three new Members: M-Comp and Bestmile that have recently joined the Association...


ITxPT Welcomes Two New Associated Members: af83 and Infodev

af83 and Infodev have recently joined ITxPT as Associated Members.


NEC Joins ITxPT as an Associated Member

In October 2018 NEC became one of the Associated Members of ITxPT is the first Japanese company to join...


ITxPT Members Meeting in Stockholm

On 25 October, one day after the end of Persontrafik, around 80 ITxPT Members gathered in Stockholm to participate in...


ITxPT at Persontrafik 2018 in Stockholm

During the event, the ITxPT stand was frequently visited, both by the ITxPT Members, willing to talk about the...


ITxPT to Exhibit at Persontrafik 2018 in Stockholm

From 22 to 24 October, ITxPT is exhibiting at Persontrafik – one of Europe’s most important events for the public transport industry whose...


Invitation to the Ruter’s Supplier Conference: ITxPT Specifications Implementation Required in the Tender

The objective of the conference is to establish dialogue with technology-suppliers, services-providers, gründer- and...


ITxPT at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin

During the event, numerous visitors stopped by the ITxPT stand and requested additional information on the ITxPT specifications as well...


ITxPT to Exhibit at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin

ITxPT will exhibit at InnoTrans, which with 2,955 exhibitors from 60 countries in 2016, is the industry’s leading international...


Mobitec’s Ultima Module to Receive the ITxPT Label

The ITxPT laboratory has recently delivered the final labeling report stating that the MobiLED Ultima module...


ITxPT Welcomes a New Associated Member: Swarco

SWARCO has recently become an Associated Member of ITxPT. By joining the Association...


ITXPT Welcomes Datik, a New Associated Member

Datik, one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Spain working exclusively for public transport operators...


SNCF Joins ITxPT as an Associated Member

ITxPT welcomes on board a new Associated Member – SNCF. ‘French National Railway Company’ is facing the challenge to...


The ITxPT Labeling Process – This is How it Works!

The ITxPT label is offered as a proof of compliance, to any vehicle, software or equipment that has passed...


Eurotech is a New ITxPT Member

Eurotech, a long-time leading provider of industrial embedded hardware such as gateways, servers, control systems...


OPENMATICS Joins ITxPT as an Associated Member

ITxPT welcomes on board a new Associated Member: OPENMATICS. By joining ITxPT, OPENMATICS is voluntarily committing to make...


ITxPT at Transports Publics 2018 in Paris

After the successful Workshop held on 11 June in Paris, involving over 80 participants, on 12-14 June ITxPT took...


ITxPT Workshop #8 in Paris

On 11 June, one day before the official opening of Transports Publics 2018, over 80 ITxPT Members from 13...


ITxPT to Showcase its Testbench at Transports Publics Stand D20

In response to the growing interest of the public transport stakeholders, rising number of members and ITxPT specifications becoming...


ITxPT Welcomes Three New Associated Members: DTI, ACCESS IS and VIX TECHNOLOGY

DTI, Access IS and Vix Technology have recently joined ITxPT as Associated Members.


IVU Joins ITxPT as a Principal Member

Berlin-based IT Specialist broadens commitment to the standardisation of IT systems for public passenger transportation. IVU hopes to champion the introduction...


LIT TRANSIT and Nettbuss are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT is happy to welcome on board two new Associated Members: LIT Transit and nettbuss.


ITxPT Welcomes Two New Members: Skyss and Sesaly

Skyss has recently joined ITxPT as a Strategic Member, whereas Sesaly became one of the ITxPT Associated Members.


r2p Joins ITxPT

r2p has recently joined ITxPT as an Associated Member. r2p has been working on improving public transport since its founding in...


Kentkart Joins ITxPT

ITxPT welcomes on board a new Associated Member – KENTKART. Founded in 1998, Kentkart’s mission is to develop modern, fast,...


EBSF_2 Final Conference Crowned Several Years of Research on Advanced Solutions for Urban Bus Systems

The event took place on 18 March during Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna and attracted more than 80 participants, during...


ITxPT Welcomes Kapsch, New Principal Member

Kapsch PublicTransportCom, a Kapsch Group company, is an international producer and supplier of intelligent infrastructure solutions for public transport...


ITxPT to Present Key Results from EBSF_2 Demonstrations at TRA 2018

ITxPT is happy to invite you to the EBSF_2 Final Conference that will take place on 18 April in...


Cango Joins ITxPT

Beginning with March 2018 CANGO became one of the Associated Members of ITxPT and will continue development and implementation of...


RATP joins ITxPT as Strategic Member

RATP, known as the “Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens” (in English : Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports) is a...


Strong Interest in ITxPT at IT-TRANS 2018

ITxPT has spent 4 successful days in Karlsruhe in Germany during the IT-TRANS 2018 - International Conference and Exhibition....


ITxPT Proud to be a Part of an Award Winning Project

On 1st March 2018, the London Demonstrator of the EBSF_2 project won the Most Innovative Transport Project Award. The London Transport awards appreciate...


Latest Developments in ITxPT Members

ITxPT has seen a dynamic growth in the recent months, with many new Members joining the Aassociation and existing...


Ximedes Joins ITxPT

As of the beginning of 2018, Ximedes has joined ITxPT as an Associated Member. Ximedes is a Dutch based software development...


Tait Communications Joins ITxPT as Principal Member

Tait Communications has joined iTxPT as a Principal Member. Tait Communications has been providing...


ITxPT Seminar and Other Events at IT-TRANS 2018

Are you coming in March to Karlsruhe to exchange, discuss and invent IT solutions? Great, ITxPT is coming, too!...


Closing an Exciting Year and Looking Forward to New Challenges

Year 2017 has been remarkable for ITxPT: the Association has grown now to over 50 Members. Approaching the end...


AtB, Squarell and Unibuss are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT welcomes new Members: AtB, Squarell and Unibuss.


ITxPT 2.0 Released

ITxPT Technical Specification 2.0 is now released. The parts S03 – Back-office architecture and S04 – Over the Air (OtA) architecture were approved...


Skånetrafiken, Egis Rail, FourC and SPEC are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT welcomes new Associated Members: Skånetrafiken, Egis Rail, FourC and SPEC.


FältCom, Hanover and UrbanThings are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT welcomes new members: FältCom, Hanover and UrbanThings.


ACTIA’s Ethernet Switchs Automotive AES.2 to Receive ITxPT Label

ACTIA PCs launched AES.2, a range of Ethernet Switchs Automotive, which received ITxPT label.


ITxPT at the London EBSF_2 Demonstration Event

Within the European Bus System of the Future 2 project (EBSF_2), ITxPT collaborates with UITP, Transport for London (TfL)...


FARA, Lumiplan and SAGAsystem are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT welcomes new Members: FARA, Lumiplan and SAGAsystem.


ITxPT 2.0 – New Release is Arriving

The new release of ITxPT Technical Specifications is arriving. The version 2.0 is an update including quality improvements as...


ITxPT and Cyber Security

ITxPT community is highly concerned by this critical topic, and decided in 2017 to setup a Working Group to...


Welcome to New ITxPT Members: Orange and SLL

ITxPT membership continues to grow in 2017, with with the recent addition of Orange Business Services and Stockholm County...


Open IT Architecture at the UITP Summit

From 15 to 17 June, Montréal hosted the biggest biennial public transport event, UITP 2017 Global Public Transport Summit....


ITxPT Labels the First On-Board Device for Public Transport Vehicles

ITxPT is an association open to Public Transport stakeholders developing applied standards for interoperable “plug-and-play” onboard and...


ITxPT to Showcase the Deployment of IT Standards at UITP Summit!

ITxPT will be present at the UITP Summit taking place from 15 to 17 May in Montréal, Canada. At the stand no....


Ruter Will Request All IT Vendors to Comply With ITxPT

Ruter, the Oslo and Akershus PT authority, is actively preparing its 2020 future of zero fossil-powered public transport and...


Welcome To New ITxPT Members

In 2017, the ITxPT Association has welcomed new Members: MOBITEC, ASSYSTEM, GVB, CONSAT Telematics AB, DIGINEXT and MOVIA.


Document Update

As a member of the ITxPT association, you have access to documents stored in related sections depending on your...


New Working Groups and Related Registrations

Three new working groups are introduced in 2017, selected by the ITxPT association based on members’ highest interest.


UITP – Busworld International Bus Conference – Call for Abstracts

The UITP International Bus Conference will take place on 23-24 October 2017 in conjunction with the Busworld Europe exhibition in Kortrijk,...


Comutitres Interested in the ITxPT Testbench

16 members of COMUTITRES visited on 16.01 the ITxPT testbench in Paris. COMUTITRES is a French “GIE” Groupement d’Intérêt Economique”...


4th ITxPT Workshop

4th ITxPT workshop took place last Tuesday 6th December in Brussels, gathering 35 attendees from current ITxPT member companies.


Welcome to ITxPT Secretary General!

Appointed by the Executive Board on 20 October, Anders Selling is now officially the Secretary General of ITxPT.


ACTIA UK to Exhibit the ITxPT Architecture Deployment

Deploying the ITxPT architecture on-board vehicles is undeniably the vision of ACTIA Group for the vehicle manufacturers and in...


IT2Rail Looks for Ethical, Privacy & Security Experts

UITP as one of the partners of the IT2Rail project ( is currently looking for 5 ethical, privacy &...


ITxPT Working Groups: What’s Up?

On the 13th of June, ITxPT Members met for the 3rd time for a dedicated Workshop in Paris, just...


Transports Publics 2016: ITxPT Ever-growing Importance

Following on the success of the 3rd ITxPT Workshop involving 40 participants, the Transports Publics 2016 kept building on...


Royal Decree for ITxPT Association

We are pleased to announce that as of 4 May, Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) has been officially...


ITxPT European Session in Transports Publics 2016

On the 16th of June, key stakeholders of ITxPT gathered together around the question of “Driving ITS standardisation in...


Special Interest Session In ITS Glasgow 2016

On the 8th of June, ITxPT proposed a roundtable about “Deployment of IT standards in Public Transport: status and...


Trapeze and TPG to Join ITxPT Association

The ITxPT Association is please to announce that the circle of its Members has been enlarged by TPG and...


ITxPT Showcased at the Transport Research Arena 2016

The Transport Research Arena Conference 2016 (TRA 2016) — the most important transport research event in Europe for researchers,...


Welcome to New Members- GIRO and RUTER!

The ITxPT Association has recently welcomed two new Members: GIRO and RUTER.


Where to Find ITxPT Specifications?

ITxPT Specifications are available to anyone for free, as well to Public Transport Authorities and Operators to issue tenders...


ITxPT at IT-TRANS 2016 – Big Hit

ITxPT has spent 3 successful days in Karlsruhe (Germany) during the IT-TRANS International Conference and Exhibition. The biennial event...


Learn About Open IT Architecture at IT-TRANS 2016

Are you planning to renew your buses’ on-board IT systems? We recommend adopting an open architecture based on the...


Implementing ITxPT Specifications and Guidelines

On the 4th of February, ITxPT Members met for the 2nd time at the ITxPT Workshop in Brussels. During...


2nd ITxPT Workshop – Members Only!

The ITxPT Association is glad to invite all the Members to the 2nd ITxPT Workshop which will take place...


ITxPT Comes Back to IT-TRANS

The ITxPT Initiative will be featured for the 2nd time at the IT-TRANS, the biennial global hub of IT solutions...


Icomera Actively Working to Establish Standards for Plug-and-play IT Systems in Public Transport

Icomera is one of Sweden’s fastest growing technology companies and its mobile Internet solutions connect tens of thousands of...


Year 2016 Begins with New Members and Positive Changes in the ITxPT Association

With new Members on board and an upgraded membership of Västtrafik, the ITxPT Association looks optimistically towards the new...


NeTEx Project Video

ITxPT recommends the use of backoffice IT systems compliant with related standard NeTEx “Network Exchange”, for exchanging Public Transport...


Navocap, Member of the ITxPT Initiative!

Navocap recently decided to join the ITxPT association in order to contribute to the implementation of standards for plug-and-play...


Simplified ITxPT Wiki Access and Navigation!

Did you notice that the access to ITxPT Wiki has been simplified? You just have to click on the...


ITxPT Secretary General – Vacancy

The Secretary General (SG) will be responsible for all aspects linked to the finalization of the ITxPT Association under...


LUTB Think Tank in Lyon – the ITxPT Initiative

ITxPT participated in LUTB Think Tank that took place on October 20th in Lyon (France). ITxPT initiative was the central subject...


A Common Vision for a Cost-effective and Sustainable IT Architecture

Deploying the ITxPT architecture on-board vehicles is undeniably the vision shared by public transport operators (PTOs), authorities (PTAs), vehicle...


NOBINA Becomes Strategic Partner in Implementation of the European Standard for IT Solutions for Public Transport

Nobina is the first operator to join as a strategic partner in the European ITxPT (Information Technology for Public...


ITxPT at ITS World in Bordeaux – Standardised ITS Architecture (EN13149)

The ITS World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services opened its door yesterday in Bordeaux. Until...


ITxPT Workshop to be Held on 28 October in Paris

We are glad to inform that the 1st ITxPT Workshop will take place on Wednesday 28th October 2015 in Paris.


UITP MOBILITY Week Campaign – Join the Global Movement!

Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful "Grow with Public Transport" campaign in 2013 you maybe took part...


ITxPT, A Catalyst for the Rapid Growth of Public Transport ITS Market in Europe

According to a new report released by the Swedish analyst firm Berg Insight, the European market for Intelligent Transport...


SCANIA Group Becomes ITxPT Associated Member

SCANIA Group, one of the biggest global bus manufacturers, has recently joined ITxPT as Associated Member. The fact that...


Launch of New EBSF_2 Bus Systems Project as Part of Horizon 2020

UITP hosted the launch of EBSF_2 project (European Bus System of the Future 2) during its World Congress &...


ITxPT Showcased the Deployment of IT Standards During the 61st UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Milan

The busy days of the UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Milan between 8 and 10 June 2015 have attracted more...


ITxPT Helps to Integrate New Product of Alstom, Attractis, into the Existing Transport Network

ITxPT and its open architecture supports an integration of Attractis into the existing transport network. 


Alstom Believes that ITxPT has the Potential to Revolutionise Transport Systems

Public and private enterprises have adopted the saying “data is the new oil” at every level. Data is a...


Discover ITxPT and its Exhibited Integrated Platforms During the UITP World Congress and Exhibition!

We are approaching the biggest event in the public transport sector - the biennial UITP World Congress and Exhibition. By...


VIDEO: ITxPT – Paradigm Shift in Public Transport ITS

ITxPT video explains how ITxPT promotes the use of standards for digital systems and their deployment in public transport.



The awards aim to praise best youth-related projects/initiatives in the transport-related mobility sector worldwide, initiated and supported by UITP...


ITxPT Article Published in Mobility Magazine (Issue 26)

ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport), active since June 2013, carries forward the results of the European Bus System of...


Invitation to Horizon 2020 Group on MYUITP

All UITP Members are warmly invited to join Horizon 2020 Group on MyUITP. Horizon 2020 Group on MyUITP aims at providing...


ITxPT at Persontrafik in Stockholm

On 28th October, the ITxPT Association presented a dedicated session at PersonTrafik 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden). The presentation “European Initiatives for IT...


The European Commission Supports the Exploitation of the EBSF Project Results Through the 3IBS Project and the ITxPT Initiative

The ITxPT integrated platform built in the frame of the European Bus System of the Future project (EBSF) was exhibited at


ITxPT Promotes a Standardised and Interoperable Plug-and-play IT Architecture for Public Transport

ITxPT has presented its integrated platform, in June, during the European Mobility Exhibition "Transports Publics 2014", in Paris. The ITxPT Guided...


ITxPT at the European Mobility Exhibition Transports Publics 2014

Discover ITxPT and its exhibited integrated platform on UITP Stand, Booth 125!


Members Presenting ITxPT at Inform Norden Conference in Oslo 11-13th of June

3 ITxPT Founding Members will participate in the Inform Norden Exhibition taking place in Oslo from 11th until 13th June...


Meet ITxPT in IT-TRANS, Booth D22!

Built on the EBSF IT specifications, the IT platform reproduces on board IT systems with associated backoffices. It complements...


ITxPT, the World’s First Consortium for Plug-and-play of IT-System in the Public Transport Domain Launches Website

The new ITxPT website presents information about the ITxPT Initiative, public information is disseminated and new members can apply...


Memorandum of Understanding Setting off the Basis for the ITxPT Initiative

This declaration of intention was signed to solidify the intent of the signatory companies and organisations to form the...


ITxPT Exhibiting at the 60th UITP World Conference

ITxPT exhibited the test-bench on his stand during the 60th UITP World Congress held in Geneva from 26thto 30th May, 2013. 


The World’s First Consortium for Plug and Play of IT-Systems in the Public Transport Domain

ACTIA, DIGIGROUP, HOGIA, INEO SYSTRANS, INIT, IVECO, MERCUR & PILOTFISH who join forces and create a new open consortium...