The ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) Association aims to further cooperate on the implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated testbench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions.

The IT architecture developed in the European Bus System of the Future project has paved the way to cost effective deployment of digital systems on board public transport vehicles and for backoffice applications, securing open environment and constant competition. This standard IT architecture for Public Transport specifies communication protocols and hardware interfaces to offer a full interoperability of IT systems in PT applications. Based on open technology, it gives the possibility to operators and organizing authorities to use public transport data anywhere in Europe through common mechanisms, standard rules and protocols. As from now, parts of these IT architecture specifications are included in TS13149 standard which is in the scope of CEN TC278WG3SG1 standardization group. This IT architecture is suitable for buses, coaches and tramways.



The mission of the ITxPT Association is to support the deployment of standards and practices for onboard plug-and-play of IT-systems for public transport and the relevant back-office features. The ITxPT leads a joint effort to feed, support, promote and contribute to the evolution of the standard TS13149 parts 7/8/9. It will work closely with the CEN/CENELEC standardization group by providing returns of experiences from technical implementations on the ITxPT platform.

The ITxPT Members have access to the ITxPT platform to test their devices and applications in real operational conditions, supporting the uptake of this plug-and-play solution. By limiting the risks during the integration stage, these tests will facilitate the deployment process in operation.

The ITxPT Members cooperate with the purpose of:

  • Support the ITS purchasers e.g. Public Transport Operators and Public Transport Authorities with the necessary specifications in order to achieve certified Plug and Play functionality when they purchase IT-systems for Public Transport use 
  • Share experience and best practices of the plug-and-play standard for public transport 
  • Support the evolution of the working standard towards its adoption within international common mechanisms, standard rules and protocols
  • Maintain in operating conditions the testbench and implementing new evolutions and implementations 
  • Specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions on the testbench 
  • Cooperate in dedicated Working Groups and contribute to the Association's Members knowledge and expertise 
  • Coordinate the Association's Members submissions to the standardization process 
  • Provide a common strategy and implement policy actions on ITxPT issues


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