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ITxPT is a non-profit association open to all companies and organizations with an interest in developing public transport into the most efficient, sustainable and attractive means of travel. Its members are a mix of industry, operators and authorities from all over the world. 

The mission of the ITxPT Association is to enable interoperability between IT systems in Public Transport by offering public specification of an IT architecture based on standards with open interfaces for on-board, over-the-air and back-office IT systems.

The ITxPT governance is fairly shared between decision makers (public transport authorities and operators) and industry (vehicle manufacturers and IT suppliers).

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Together with our members, we work on public transport interoperability in an international context, creating and improving bridges between existing or missing models, gathering best practices and designing specifications for a concrete interoperable implementation.

The governance of ITxPT is simple, transparent and democratic, based on its statutes as a non-profit association, composed of the entities described below which follow operating rules driven by functional needs and aiming at providing effective implementation specifications. The ITxPT association is funded by membership fees.

  • The ITxPT statutes 
  • The Executive Board 
  • The Requirements and Technical Committees

The ITxPT Executive Board

The ITxPT Executive Board is composed of 13 voting members fairly balanced between Public Transport authorities and operators, IT suppliers, and vehicle manufacturers.

Public Transport authorities and operators

  • Erik Thoren, NOBINA
  • Terje Storhaug, RUTER – Chairman of the Board
  • Sture Hedin, VASTTRAFIK


  • Umberto Guida, UITP

IT suppliers

  • Gunnar Rehbein, INIT
  • Robert Mueller, PILOTFISH

Vehicle manufacturers

  • Charanya Thangaraj, VOLVO BUSES
  • Daniel Kallfass, DAIMLER BUSES
  • Philippe Grand, IVECO BUS

All the ITxPT Strategic members are invited to join the Executive Board meetings.

The ITxPT Committees and Working Groups

The ITxPT association is the only technical organisation offering a forum to discuss and work on hot topics concerning all public transport stakeholders: interoperability, data-centric architecture, data mining, electric vehicles, IoT, MQTT, smart industry, MaaS, new transport modes, data exchange, protocols…

All the Strategic and Principal members have access to the Requirements and Technical Committees, and their related Working Groups. The ITxPT Governance Process, from customer need to detailed specification:

ITxPT committees

Requirements Committee

  • Traffic light priority
  • Power management
  • Vehicle location and micro-positioning

Technical Committee

  • Electric vehicle infrastructure data
  • Passenger Information
  • Logon service
  • Passenger counting PoC
  • AVMS broker-based
  • Heavy Rail profile

Coming next...

  • Heavy Rail service profile
  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)
  • Cyber security
  • Communication channels – status reporting

The ITxPT team

The ITxPT team mission is to enable the ITxPT community to successfully build and improve the ITxPT specification and adoption.
  • Anders Selling, Secretary General
  • Anastasia Founta, Requirements Committee Chair
  • Anders Fromell, Chief Technical Officer
  • Clara Arnström, Technical Writer
  • David Ariño Montoya, Project Manager
  • David Glendining, Interoperability Architect
  • Emmanuel de Verdalle, Technical Committee Chair
  • Jim Lindkvist, Laboratory Manager
  • Pascale Guyot, Members Relations
  • Simon Reed, PTA/O Relations
  • Tu-Tho Thai, Project Manager & Expert Contributor

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