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Innovative collaboration for a cleaner and smarter city: ElectriCity

In Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 partners from industry, academia and society are working together to develop, test and demonstrate new solutions for the future of public transport. The collaboration goes by the name ElectriCity and is based on the ITxPT Specification.

Over time, public transport vehicles have become increasingly complex as the amount of on-board IT systems increase. The vehicle manufacturer, the public transport authority and the public transport operators all have different systems and there is a need to harmonise the overall system's IT architecture and associated interfaces.

ElectriCity is one of the first real-time operations based on the new ITxPT specification for delivering ITS services. The two new fully-electric articulated prototype buses on route 16 will serve as demo arenas for the ITxPT collaboration.

The buses have an IT platform with Ethernet backbone, switches, multifunctional antenna and main compartments. There are two dynamic passenger information services running on this platform and the plan is to put more functions based on the ITxPT specification into day-to-day operation on the two buses. There will be 10 pilots carried out during a period starting in the autumn of 2018. The features will first be tested inside the lab and then tested onboard the buses.

The article comes from the Intelligent Transport Magazine (Issue 4 - November 2018). The full edition can be read here.

The article, in turn, can be downloaded below. 



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