ITxPT Promotes a Standardised and Interoperable Plug-and-play IT Architecture for Public Transport

ITxPT has presented its integrated platform, in June, during the European Mobility Exhibition “Transports Publics 2014”, in Paris. The ITxPT Guided Tour organized during the exhibition showed the unity and willingness of many public transport stakeholders to promote and deploy plug-and-play architecture for public transport IT-systems.

ACTIA, COFELY INEO, DIGIMOBEE, DILAX, INIT, IVECO, PILOTFISH, THALES, TRANSDEV and UITP testified that such IT architecture allows more cost-effective and interoperable public transport than the current solutions existent on the market.

The ITxPT integrated platform enables the suppliers to test their IT modules in real operational conditions and to validate their compliancy with the parts 7/8/9 of the EN13149 standard. It also allows public transport authorities and operators to test their own IT architecture before deploying it on their fleets.

For more information you can visit the Transports Publics 2014 website or contact Ms. Pauline Bruge at