ITxPT at Persontrafik in Stockholm

On 28th October, the ITxPT Association presented a dedicated session at PersonTrafik 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden). The presentation “European Initiatives for IT in Public Transport“ focused on the context of IT systems in Public Transport, the vision of ITxPT based on EBSF project technical results, the link with standardization groups and the services offered by ITxPT: technical platform and documentation center. The vision of the ITxPT Members was also pointed out: “The mission of the ITxPT association is to support the deployment of standards and practices for onboard plug-and-play of IT-systems for Public Transport and the relevant back-office features”, said Emmanuel de Verdalle. The session closed with a presentation of ITxPT’s current members (some of which were also exhibitors during PersonTrafik 2014: DILAX, HOGIA, INEO, INIT, IVECO, PILOTFISH and VOLVO) and an invitation to join the association.

Slides presented at PersonTrafik2014 are available below.