Special Interest Session In ITS Glasgow 2016

On the 8th of June, ITxPT proposed a roundtable about “Deployment of IT standards in Public Transport: status and trends” during the last ITS European Congress in Glasgow.

Key representatives of public transport seated there: Transport for London (Simon Reed) as public transport authority in the UK, Nobina (Marcel Kroeze) as public transport operator in Sweden, Scania (Mohammed Ibrahim) as vehicle manufacturer from Sweden and Init (Dirk Weisser) as ITS supplier from Germany – 4 companies from 3 different European countries sharing the same vision on deployment of standard IT, presented practical examples of actions and success stories, moderated by the ITxPT Exploitation manager, Emmanuel de Verdalle (DigiMobee).

Since few years, IT standards already exists. Still, Public Transport authorities and operators continue to struggle with proprietary IT solutions, in a today’s ultra-connected and demanding environment.

Initiatives have already emerged and first success stories are paving the way of new open and modular ITS architecture. The need for change is no longer questionable, it’s a matter of HOW and WHEN.

Public Transport stakeholders gathered under the ITxPT association to organize the concrete deployment of existing standards, not only on next-generation vehicles but also on existing fleets.

The strong growth dynamic of ITxPT demonstrates the relevance of its approach, enabling implementation of a working standard for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport.

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