ITxPT European Session in Transports Publics 2016

On the 16th of June, key stakeholders of ITxPT gathered together around the question of “Driving ITS standardisation in Europe” during a dedicated European Session in Paris at the European Mobility Exhibition 2016. The full European Session video is available for watching here.

Public Transport Operator, Vehicle Manufacturers and ITS Industry, all agreed that standardisation is no longer a question of WHY but WHEN and HOW.

The reasons WHY appear indeed as a matter of course: simplification, time reduction, error avoidance, costs reduction, sustainability, agility, responsiveness innovation, service improvement, evolutivity…

WHEN does the standardisation take place? The most likely timing is while pre-fitting new vehicles: having the vehicles pre-installed with standardised architecture is the only way to ensure further straightforward installation of on-board equipment and easy replacement. Several initiatives already begun in Europe, most of the time driven by tenders’ requirements from PTO or PTA while consulting vehicle manufacturers for fleet renewal.

HOW is the standardisation implemented? If standardisation is essential, it is not enough for deployment. The ITxPT association proposes specifications and guidelines to support and validated the concrete implementation of compliant IT architecture and to share experience and good practices between stakeholders.

Moreover, ITxPT members work together in dedicated working groups at enlarging and improving the scope of deployment addressing use cases, tendering process, vehicle compliance, FMS requirements new IP protocols and IP services,

ITxPT specifications and guidelines are available at the ITxPT Documentation Centre, you can request public access here. Further advantages, including access to ITxPT test bench and registration to working groups, are offered to ITxPT members only, according to their membership level. Discover all benefits and apply for membership here.