ITxPT 2.0 – New Release is Arriving

The new release of ITxPT Technical Specifications is arriving. The version 2.0 is an update including quality improvements as well as new services and of course it has a backward compatibility with the previous version.

In the first phase, the parts S01 and S02 of the specifications have been published now and the S03 and S04 will follow in September. The deployment guidelines will be published thereafter.

The 2.0 release is an important step for ITxPT, which is directly supporting deployment in the field. The ITxPT 2.0 release provides an improved accessibility through clarification of its content and an enhanced structure. Documents are available on ITxPT Documentation Centre ( where they can be viewed and downloaded as pdf.

The publication agenda of this update is structured in 3 phases:

Technical Specifications
Phase 1S01- Installation Requirement
How to prepare vehicles to receive ITxPT compliant modules?S02- Onboard Architecture
How to interface systems and share data onboard?
Available here and now!
Phase 2S03- Backoffice Architecture
How to interface systems and share data in backoffice?S04- Over the Air Architecture
How to communicate with ITxPT compliant vehicles and equipment?
Available in November 2017
Deployment Guidelines
Phase 3G01- Vehicle installation


G02- Vehicle and interface with backoffice systems

G03- Backoffice systems interoperability

Available in December 2017

The ITxPT open architecture is based on the outcomes of European research projects (EBSF, 3iBSEBSF_2), ITxPT working groups, and deployment experiences in the field. The specifications are validated by the organization members and approved by the 13 members of the Executive Board including Public Transport Authorities and Operators, system suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. ITxPT specifications are public and available free of charge.

Technical Specifications describe physical requirements (connectors, wiring, enclosures, power supply and management), overall architecture, generic mechanisms, communication protocols and data models. They are used by PTAs and PTOs as tender requirements with related references, and Industry suppliers to configure and design compliant solutions.

The Technical Specifications and Deployment Guidelines are available on the ITxPT Wiki/ / Documentation Centre, where you can also request a public access if needed.

Please feel free to contact us for any feedback, questions or request for support: