LIT TRANSIT and Nettbuss are New ITxPT Members

ITxPT is happy to welcome on board two new Associated Members: LIT Transit and Nettbuss.

LIT Transit, providing intelligent transportation solutions to public transport agencies and cities around the world, has recently joined the Association in order to support the standardisation of in-vehicle IT system communication protocols and hardware interfaces.

“As we are committed to following all the latest standards and developing solutions to fit in with most rigorous demands of modular and open system setups, we believe this is the right step towards an open and competitive environment which will secure the best practices and solutions for public transport operators, service providers, and passengers.”

Another newly admitted member, Nettbuss, is one of the largest bus companies in the Nordic region, with operations in Norway and Sweden. “We have about 125 million passengers a year, has a turnover of 6 billion NOK, 3000 buses and 7000 employees. Nettbuss will be implementing ITxPT for the Ruter tender (Romerike) on around 230 buses, starting on 1 July 2019.”

If you would like also to become a member of ITxPT, please consult the page dedicated for further information about the different membership levels along with relative benefits. You can also contact Anders Selling, ITxPT Secretary General at: