Eurotech is a New ITxPT Member

Eurotecha long-time leading provider of industrial embedded hardware such as gateways, servers, control systems and boards, as well as high-performance computing systems and software solutions, one of the pioneers and leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, has recently joined ITxPT.

Speaking about the recent incorporation of Eurotech into ITxPT, Giuliana Vidoni, Head of Corporate Communication & Marketing at Eurotech, says “Eurotech has a long history of being at the forefront of innovative building blocks for integrated solutions for the public transport sector and were one of the pioneers in bridging the gap between operational technology and information technology. We see our recent membership into ITxPT as the perfect platform to showcase how Eurotech’s smart transport solutions comply with the most important IT standards in this sector”.

Eurotech’s subsystems and technologies connect the elements of the complex IT infrastructures behind public transport systems, leading to beneficial cost reductions and fleet optimization. Field-deployed vehicle tracking systems, on-board computers, passenger counting systems and information displays collect valuable data to optimize routes and resource allocation. The embedded platforms are designed and certified to exceed the requirements of public transport and intelligent mobility applications across the globe.