ITxPT Welcomes Three New Members: Gaia, Thoreb and NetModule

ITxPT welcomes three new Members: Gaia and Thoreb that have recently joined the Association as Principal Members and NetModule, which is a new Associated Member.

Founded in 1994 with headquarters in Sweden, Gaia is an innovative company that is driven by making great digital experiences for their customers. Recently involved in the Public Transport sector together with a large PTA in Sweden, Gaia Public Transport creates a digital twin model of the vehicles and trips. It is a cloud-based solution for the modern way of using real-time information. The model is fed with real-time positions and trip-data from a public endpoint or from an on-premise data source. It includes signage as well as call-outs and provides you with data for analysis. The product addresses passengers, vehicles, drivers and operators.

Founded in 1978, with headquarters in Sweden, Thoreb focuses on innovative solutions for public transport. Their main business areas are ELSY, the intelligent E/E architecture system, along with real-time information to travellers, traffic managers and service staff. By combining vehicle performance and health information with traffic information, Thoreb is able to provide a unique combination of solutions to their customers.

With over 15.000 shipped products per year, NetModule is a leading manufacturer of routers for public transportation. Because of the modular hardware design and the feature rich software NetModule products are often used as universal communication gateways for applications like passenger WiFi and information systems, driver communication, remote maintenance, condition monitoring or CCTV. NetModule was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Switzerland.