Metrotek and MLC ITS Join the ITxPT Community

ITxPT Community keeps on growing and we want to give a warm welcome two new joiners: Metrotek joined the Association as Associated Member, while MLC ITS Clúster de Movilidad y Logística adhered as Associated Partner.

Metrotek AS is a supplier for buses, trucks and other types of public transport in Norway. They cooperate with bus and truck importers, bus operators and providers of public transport. Metrotek is an important link between providers of platform solutions for buses, bus importers, operators and contractors, and their goal is to contribute to precise and profitable operations.They have a good knowledge of the public sector and they also know that the operating companies have big requirements to meet with daily. These requirements go from running the routes precisely to inform the passengers well or making sure that the journey is experienced safely and conveniently. By joining ITxPT, they want to use their expertise to keep up to date and help their customers and partners.

MLC ITS is a Spanish Association of agents and companies involved in mobility and integral logistics. Their aim is to improve the mobility of people and the supply chain through cooperation and innovation, thus facilitating the competitiveness of their area of influence. MLC ITS wants to be the meeting place for all agents and companies participating in the field of mobility and integral logistics, to enhance their synergies and innovation, towards greater competitiveness and sustainability.

By joining ITxPT, their purpose is to participate in forums of international influence, identify and transmit trends to partners to promote their competitiveness and improve their access options to international markets. As a member of ITxPT since its incorporation in 2018, this is the first General Assembly attended by the Cluster. In 2019, progress will be made in the standardization and incorporation of standards in international tenders. In this sense, MLC ITS has initiated contacts with those responsible for the first tenders of these characteristics that will be launched in Norway and Sweden.

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