ITxPT Welcomes Two New Associated Members: METRON and CIBEST

The Association welcomes two new Members: CIBEST and METRON joined the ITxPT community as Associated Members in the past months. 

METRON is a French company created in 2013 and specialized in the development of digital platforms based on Artificial Intelligence to optimize energy consumption, production and storage. In mobility, their approach consists in optimizing energy on the whole value chain : from its production by decentralized energy resources to its consumption inside vehicles, passing through the grid, energy contracts, depots, charging stations and batteries. They provide their solution to PTO’s worldwide for the smart management, smart maintenance and smart charging of their fleets.

By joining ITxPT, they want to continue testing and improving their solution. They also want to meet and create synergies with other innovative companies, to which they can bring expertise and technologies in energy optimization for sustainable mobility.

CIBEST is a French company with over 25 years of experience. It designs and delivers embedded solutions focused on video-surveillance enriched by optional features: passenger counting, real time passenger information, WIFI, eco-driving monitoring, etc. In buses, light rail and train, this mutualization simplifies architectures within vehicles. With more than 11 000 operational systems in France worldwide (Belgium, Switzerland, Middle East…), innovation is at the core of their strategy. Their team of software and hardware engineers is working daily at improving solutions for customers.

By becoming ITxPT Member, CIBEST wishes to continue its product development within a global strategy, based on open interfaces between systems and simplification of embedded architectures.

Do you also wish to become an ITxPT Member? For further information about the different membership levels and relative benefits, please consult the dedicated page and get in touch with us.