New Members : Welcome Bustec, Stratio Automotive and STIB/MIVB


BUSTEC – Associated Member

Bustec is a OEM producer of passenger information systems for public transport. The research and production centrale is located in Czech Republic with subsidiaries in Germany and Romania.

Bustec products portfolio include both vehicle on-bard passenger information equipment as well as stationary sign solution in various technologies. Bustec products are operated in more than 25 countries (mostly in Europe, but also in Australia, Africa, India and South America).

Since Bustec belongs to bigger suppliers of passenger information systems in Europe, their systems have to be compatible with all available data formats interfaces (like IBIS-IP, ITxPT, etc.). About 80% of Bustec products (passenger information LED+LCD signs for public transport vehicles ) are integrated in common systems with other companies products (suppliers of on-board companies). For this reason it is necessary that Bustec peripheries devices communicate in the same protocol with on-board computers on ITxPT platforms as well.

By becoming a member of ITxPT, Bustec wishes to have the opportunity to participate in ITxPT implementation process. It is also for them the possibility to have access to serious and relevant  information (description of ITxPT protocol standards). All together this should help them implementing ITxPT standards in an optimal way into Bustec on-bard  passenger information equipment for effective interactions with other vehicle equipment. Find out more about Bustec here.


STRATIO AUTOMOTIVE – Associated Member

Stratio is driving a future where everything reaches its destination on time, supporting vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators worldwide to eliminate unplanned vehicle downtime. To achieve this goal, Stratio is fusing automotive engineering with machine learning to automate anomaly and fault detection. No disruptions. No surprises. Zero downtime


Vehicles are complex equipment exposed to diverse environments, and there are a lot of corner cases that are only found once vehicles are operating on the field. The anomaly and fault detection field has to be advanced to enable the industry to overcome these challenges.


Connected vehicles were at the beginning of this journey, enabling high volumes of vehicle data to be collected. Now, for this data to be explored, automation is required to give purpose to this data.


Automation can be achieved through automotive research and machine learning and this is the field Stratio is working on. Their products cover the automation of anomaly and fault detection end-to-end, from agile data acquisition to accelerate research of new machine learning models, to the development of such models and the software applications used by both OEMs and fleet operators.

By adopting ITxPT compliance Stratio is supporting and promoting the integration of different products, by different suppliers, in the vehicle to the benefit of the end-users. This new paradigm will provide customers with access to a wider choice of products and services, stimulate innovation in the field, and reduce vendor lock-in situations. Find out more about StratioAutomotive here.


STIB/MIVB – Associated Member

The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles, STIB – Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal vervoer te Brussel, MIVB) was founded in 1954 and the first urban public transport company in Belgium. Every day, its 1,200 vehicles serve the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region and 11 suburban municipalities. STIB covers a surface area of 241,5 km². The company provides transport for over 1,200,000 inhabitants, in addition to the thousands of commuters.

STIB Management Committee has executive powers within the company’s management. Permanent staff representatives have an advisory role. The Board of Directors is entrusted with adopting the company’s budget and concluding the management contract with the regional government, as well as approving collective bargaining agreements negotiated by the CEO. It is composed of 19 members appointed by the regional government of the Brussels-Capital Region. The Board of Directors also includes government officials and representatives from Brussels municipalities. Permanent staff representatives have an advisory role. STIB has thus an hybrid role endorsing authority’s responsibilities.

There are many ongoing projects, such as Maas application and infrastructure, Autonomous shuttles, New Metro Line 3 (included new stations), Arrival and implementation of automatic metro system, Change of the bus network and new vehicle technologies, Reception of new tramways, Contactless payment for all transport modes (EMV)

With all the ongoing projects, renewal and multiplication of IT equipment in their busses, trams and metros, STIB is facing a growing need for simplification and rationalization of the technical aspects surrounding hardware, software and integration. Moreover, all PTO’s and PTA’s are facing the same problems when negotiating with manufacturers and defining their requirements. ITxPT seems like the ideal organization to simplify these issues in the future and to answer their need for simplification and rationalization. Find out more about STIB/MIVB here.

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