ITxPT is Tech Partner in the EU project DATA4PT


The Kick-Off Meeting of Data4PT (Data for Public Transport) was held remotely on March 24th. The EU-funded project Data4PT will support the implementation of data exchange standards and models to fulfill service providers needs for multi-modal travel information.

ITxPT was chosen as the technical organization to support the implementation of National Access Points (NAP) in Europe. In order to do so the Association is gathering a European team of experts to support the Member States. Data4PT is based on 4 main pillars that are knowledge, support, exchange and sustainability. It is actively supported by nine Member States across Europe and engages additional Member States as observers.

The main role of Data4PT consists of technical and organizational activities to facilitate the development and deployment of the European public transport data standards Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI. These standards enable the provision of Union-wide multi-modal travel information services which apply to the TEN-T network, including urban nodes.

The specific objectives are:

  • Support the technical development of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI to fulfil the needs of multimodal travel information service providers
  • Conduct technical artefact maintenance
  • Develop data validation tools and test platform
  • Conduct required updates for all standards
  • Assist the development of National SIRI profiles
  • Facilitate the operational use of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI standards by Public Transport Operators and Public Transport Authorities
  • Exchange of best practice
  • Develop the Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI end-user community through dissemination actions
  • Build a long term sustainable governance and business model

Innovations such as automated vehicles (AVs) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) have completely reshaped our sector: a digital transformation that goes hand in hand with people’s mobility habits evolving and mobility behaviours being transformed.

These behavioural changes, alongside the development of mobile information and the rise of the sharing economy, encourage the progression of new forms of mobility. Services such as ride-hailing, car and bike-sharing and shared e-scooters have progressed enormously in recent times, which forces cities to rethink their mobility management.

And yet, none of these new mobility services would meet people’s and society’s needs without capitalising on the massive amount of data produced by the public transport sector. As new mobility players enter the market, large amounts of data are collected by the many providers to enhance their services. Now, to enable and support data-sharing practices in the public transport sector, Data4PT will be the key to information such as timetable and real time data, travel activity, type of mobility demand, travel patterns, and much more.

ITxPT will work together with 10 other partners on this program support action, alongside with stakeholders and experts. For instance UITP, one of ITxPT’s founding members, will manage project coordination and communication. ITxPT will manage the development, the implementation and the operational use. Through ITxPT, implementation tools will be available to test compliance of real-time and time-table data.

See UITP’s official press release here.