Election – Chair positions for ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee

On the 9th of September, the positions of ITxPT Requirements Committee and Technical Committee Chairs are up for election. Jemima Woolverton (Icomera) and Emmanuel de Verdalle (Digimobee) have functioned as elected interim Chairs for the Requirements Committee, respectively, the Technical Committee. They have both contributed to a successful restructuring of the ITxPT governance model, and it is now time to permanent the changes by appointing ordinary Chairs for the next two yearsThe Executive Board will elect the roles, and applicants from strategic member companies are eligible for election.


Who can apply?  

Representatives of Strategic Member companies are eligible to take the roles. They must have time and capacity to devote to a 10-20% role and commitment to lead and attend the relevant committee meetings. Flexibility to participate in other meetings with staff and members as required is a plus. The Strategic Member company sending the representative also needs to be committed to the time and capacity requirement. ITxPT will reimburse for the time the Committee Chair allocates to ITxPT


The role 

The Chairs drive the committee work with support from the ITxPT Office, and the work is partly high-level and partly operational. It includes chairing Committee meetings, defining and maintaining the Roadmap in collaboration with the other Committee Chair and ITxPT staff. It also encompasses leading voting procedures within the Committee, to work with ITxPT staff to identify and recruit Working Group leaders as well as to create and present Progress Reports to the Executive Board and support ITxPT team in preparation of materials for RC/TC meetings.   

For more information, please contact Secretary-General, Anders Selling.