Technical Committee with data centric focus

The very productive and well attended Technical Committee meeting on the 26th of August revolved around Working Group 1 – Data Centric – and its subgroups. It was an opportunity for everyone to take part in the discussions and share their views on the solid work done so far.  Working Group 1 – working on requirements on how to write the technical specification with data centricity in mind – is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. 


What is data centric?

This blog post summarizes it quite nicely: 

Data-centric refers to an architecture where data is the primary and permanent asset, and applications come and go.  In the data-centric architecture, the data model precedes the implementation of any given application and will be around and valid long after it is gone. 

This blog post explains it in a similar way:  

A data-centric architecture has a permanent and primary core: Data. Applications and services are ephemeral, they live as long as they are useful. But Data is always there. 


Three deadlines

With a work plan divided into three deadlines in September, October, and a final deadline at the end of 2020, the work in the group and subgroups is well underway. There are 3 subgroups: 

  • SG1: General design rules 
  • SG2: Data Centric 
  • SG3: MQTT 

At the start of the meeting, Anders Fromell from ITxPT was assigned group leader for subgroup 1. Leaders of subgroup 2 and 3 are David Glendining and Sylvaine Roullier 

ITxPT member

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Subgroup 1 reported good progress and having landed in a functioning work structurewith an initial focus on the onboard structure 

Subgroup 2 concluded that it is important for everyone to understand what the data names refer to, which has led to the suggestion to create a dictionary for the data centric work.  

Subgroup 3 talked about their work with recommendations regarding the MQTT version, message retention, and last will of a publisher. 

ITxPT reported that there is a continuous high interest in labeling and that negotiations are underway for new lab and office facilities in Gothenburg.