Technical Committee meeting – a roadmap to evolution

The 9th of September Technical Committee meeting revolved around the ITxPT roadmap towards a new specification release, the upcoming election of chairpersons, and updates from the Technical Working Group 01 and its subgroups.  


Work process milestone

Since the meeting took place on the same day as the Executive Board meeting, it was inevitable to touch on the election of new chairpersons for the committees, which is a milestone for the ITxPT work process evolution. Emmanuel de Verdalle and Jemima Woolverton have held the positions during a trial period, and now the work process will be consolidated by the election of chairpersons for two years.  



Emmanuel de Verdalle presented the committee roadmap and talked about functional specifications from the Requirements Committee, ready to initiate work on. The two Technical Working Groups next in line for launch are:  

  • TWG02 – Maintenance 
  • TWG03 – Passenger Counting.  

He reminded the meeting of the possibility to submit change requests and informed that the ITxPT team is reviewing received requests and will present a proposal next meeting.  

Adoptions increase

The increasing number of ITxPT specification adoptions poses both a challenge and an opportunity. The more technologies and transport systems involved, the greater the challenge as well as opportunity. The combination of day to day operations with innovation will produce a relevant outcome for all areas of mobility.   

ITxPT member

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Data Centric reports  

Working Group 01 and its subgroups are well underwayand the results will support how to write the specification, by adding data centric approach. It will also instruct on the MQTT communication protocol implementation 

Subgroup 01, led by Anders Fromell, reported that the group has initiated work with order of priority and data naming conventions and he invited anyone to email him with relevant subgroup topics.  

Subgroup 02, led by David Glendiningreported good progress and revealed that they had invented a new word, Datum”, which refers to a single item in a data dictionary. The group also modifies the use-cases into guides in how to use the document, instead of having them describe specific cases 

Subgroup 03, led by Sylviane Roulliercompares MQTT versions to make a suggestion which version to support in the next technical specification. The group has also readied a proposal for the last will. 

The Technical Committee will conduct a review of the published specification based on Change Requests and Requirement Committee outcomesThe next major release will be driven by the results from Technical Working Group 01 and a roadmap for the release will be presented soon.