New Committee Chairs elected

The 9th of September Executive Board meeting consolidated the implementation of the Requirements Committee and a new governance process within ITxPT. Through a unanimous decision, the Board gave the work process the go-ahead. They elected Guido Di Pasquale and re-elected Emmanuel de Verdalle for the Chair positions of the Requirements Committee and the Technical Committee for the upcoming two years. 



Focus on customer needs

When the Executive Board in October 2019 decided on implementing the Requirements Committee for a trial period of six months, it was to put the focus on PTA and PTO needs and make ITxPT more efficient, agile, and customer-oriented. The 9th of September meeting decided that the process has been successful and took a unanimous decision to permanent the new governance process.


We want to congratulate Guido Di Pasquale and Emmanuel de Verdalle to the positions, and we look forward to the upcoming two years with great expectations. The newly elected chairmen invite anyone to contact them with ideas on how the work of the committees can be improved.

Requirements Committee

The Requirements Committee and its Working Groups collect needs from authorities, operators, and other stakeholders to create and deliver requirements to the Technical Committee. The requirements drive the technical activities and changes of the specification – a vital function to secure the customer perspective.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee develops technical specifications according to the requirements by suggesting updates and changes of the ITxPT specification. Like the Requirements Committee, the Technical Committee does much of its work in working groups, formed around specific topics.


The Requirements Committee Chair

Guido Di Pasquale, the new Chair for the Requirements Committee, is in his daily work the Deputy Director of Knowledge and Innovation within UITP.

Apart from his many years of involvement in ITxPT, he has got vast experience from Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions, Mobility as a Service, Automated Road Transport, supporting PTA and PTO in implementing standards, and has held central roles in many EU-funded ITS-related projects.


The Technical Committee Chair

Emmanuel de Verdalle, re-elected for the position as Technical Committee Chair, has been working with ITxPT from long before it even became ITxPT.

With his vast experience within Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), both from design and development and in a coordinating or advisory capacity within EU projects and CEN standardization, he is a vital contributor to the work on ITS architecture within the European Public Transport community.

ITxPT member

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