Requirements Committee – meet the new Chairman

The first meeting chaired by newly elected Guido Di Pasquale was well attended and had a meet-and-greet feeling. After being introduced by Secretary-General Anders Selling, the new Chairman presented himself and his view of the Requirements Committee. The nature of the meeting also offered an opportunity to take a step back and view the whole picture.


New Chairman – Guido Di Pasquale

Having been involved in ITxPT for many years, Guido Di Pasquale is no newcomer, and he expressed his enthusiasm for entering a more active role. He touched on the benefits of combining his role within UITP with the chair position of the Requirements Committee and described his role as a facilitator who works for members to reach mutual goals.

An essential objective expressed by the new Chairman is to engage even more in-depth with stakeholders like operators and authorities to represent their voice in the committee. He wants to build on the previous work of the committee and his predecessor Jemima Woolverton and make sure that the technical expertise in ITxPT focuses on solving stakeholder needs. He also intends to use his network to increase the number of active members within ITxPT.


Committees and Executive Board

To reiterate the function of the new work process, the ITxPT team gave a brief walkthrough of the roles of the Requirements Committee and the Technical Committee and their relation to the Executive Board.  The meeting also got an explanation of how use cases are needed to define the requirements of operators, authorities, and other stakeholders.



Requirements Working Group 01 – Heavy Rail

Working Group 01, led by Laurent Llerena, has completed six functional requirements and forwarded them to the Technical Committee. They will now identify new use cases to continue their work and extend their domains to include metro and tram. They will also help the Technical Committee and share their knowledge to increase understanding.



Requirements Working Group 02 – Electric Vehicles

Working Group 02, led by Henning Berthelsen, already has more than ten use cases collected, such as handling several vehicle brands with different charging interfaces in the same fleet. The group expects to finish by the end of October.

Requirements Working Group 03 – Driver Interface and Driver Login

The Requirements Committee aims to launch a third working group to address the driver interface and driver login. The call has gone out for a group leader to coordinate the group activities, manage the roadmap, and focus on the needs to solve. The leader will be supported by the ITxPT staff, which also participates in the working groups and helps to write the requirements.

ITxPT member

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