Technical Committee meeting – new ITxPT Team member

On the 23rd of September meeting, Secretary General Anders Selling introduced Ole Anders Bae, who has joined the ITxPT team to drive the next release of the technical specification during the upcoming 2-3 months 


Specification improvements 

At the time of the meeting, 60 comments on the 2.1.0 release had been submitted through the change request handling process. With one exception all comments will lead to adjustments and clarifications that will increase the quality of the specification without having an implementation impact. They will be included in version 2.1.1, which doesn’t affect compliance. Any unit or system compliant with the 2.1.0 version is also compliant with 2.1.1.  

Open discussion about FMS to IP 

The exception concerns FMS to IP where a few comments cannot be resolved without implementation impact. They will, therefore, not be included in the 2.1.1 version. ITxPT will send out an open call for a meeting to all Technical Committee members to start a technical discussion about FMS to IP. Online comments are also welcome to get a broad input. This way, many issues can be added to the list and identified before the work starts. 


Data Centric Reports 

Working Group 01 – Data Centric and its subgroups are developing Technical Requirements for the specification with a focus on data centricity and implementation of the MQTT communication protocol. The next major specification release will be driven by the Technical Requirements from Working Group 01.    

Subgroup 01 – General design rules – led by Anders Fromell, reported on documentation updates and topics aggregation 

Subgroup 02 – Data Centric – led by David Glendining, has created a foundation for the upcoming data dictionary and is redefining use-cases to relate to document use instead of specific cases 

Subgroup 03 – MQTT- led by Sylvian Roullier, recently evaluated MQTT regarding security and identified some issues to deal with on the platform. They are also comparing security measures between versions of the MQTT protocol.  

Updated deadline for Technical Requirements 

The meeting agreed to update the deadline for the Working Group 01 Technical Requirements to the end of October.  

Labelling Process 

ITxPT team member, Victor Dardenne, reported that the team recently delivered two labels and currently performs remote tests for pending applications. Details about the ITxPT labels are available on the website documentation center (Wiki).