ITxPT committees November-December

We saw an intense activity and outcome of our committees, working groups, and subgroups during November and the beginning of December. The new specification release, 2.1.1, is on the finishing stretch. The requirements working group, Login Services, is circulating its functional requirements for a final review. The technical working group Data Centric is about to deliver its results. The Requirements committee is also developing a new role, ITxPT Ambassadors.

ITxPT Ambassador

The ambassadors’ role is to activate national and local public transport professionals, companies, and organizations and motivate people to engage in the ITxPT collaborative community. From getting current members more involved in our committees and working groups to enrolling authorities, operators, scholars, and other key actors in the community. The Ambassadors will have a central role when our collaborative community expands its activities in each country. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or want to know more, please contact the ITxPT team.

Roadmap Overview

With our 10th of December members’ meeting in mind, the Requirements Committee initiated an overview of our roadmap. With several essential outcomes delivered or about to finish, it is time to look up ahead and decide which goals to set and focus on for the upcoming months. All attendees of the members’ meeting had the opportunity to answer a survey. The ITxPT team presented the results at the Members Meeting, and the requirements committee will use the survey results to suggest updates to the roadmap for 2021.


Requirements Committee

The requirements committee has been highly active, with the login services working group taking up much of the meetings’ focus. It has also been working on the ITxPT Ambassador program.

Requirements Working groups

The requirements working group 01, Heavy Rail has been on hold in waiting for its involvement in the EU projects Shift2Rail and Connecta3. However, through group leader Laurent Llerena it is already partially restarted and working with preparations and meetings connected to the projects.

On the 26th of November, Working Group 02, Electric Vehicles, led by Henning Berthelsen, had its work approved by the Executive Board with congratulations on a job well done.

The requirements from working group 03, Login Services, will be ready for approval by the Executive Board in December and to be sent to the technical committee.


Technical Committee

Specification 2.1.1 release review

The 2.1.1 version of the ITxPT specification is on review according to the plan. A list of known issues is to be published and continuously updated on the ITxPT website Documentation Center.

Technical Working Group 01 Data Centric

The Technical Working Group 01 Data Centric subgroups 01 and 02 have sent their Technical Requirements on review for final approval by December. Subgroup three will require some more time before finishing and will deliver their results in January. Still, most of the guidelines are already possible to use when updating the specification.

A new group started, addressing issues with FMStoIP. It began by discussing which problems to manage and to set the scope of the work. The aim is to have most of the documents finished before Christmas, with a final draft deadline at the beginning of January.