2021 ITxPT Roadmap

Following the preparation work done by the ITxPT Collaborative Community, the Requirements Committee updated the Roadmap for 2021. The Roadmap update results from the ITxPT members’ feedback through a survey sent out before the 10th of December Members Meeting. This news post will touch on some of the most critical aspects of the new Roadmap.


Requirements Committee topics

The ITxPT Roadmap for 2021 consists of topics of great concern for the members. There are some Requirements Working Groups active or scheduled to initiate their work in the nearest future.

  • Login Services – deadline beginning of March
  • Passenger information systems – call for contributions at the beginning of February.
  • Power status reporting
  • Communication channels status reporting
  • Schedule and Real-Time Data, onboard to back office

The Heavy Rail Working Group is also continuously open through the work connected to the connect3 and Shift2Rail projects.


Technical Committee topics

Examples of the active Technical committee topics are Heavy Rail, Data Centric, Login Service and Electric Vehicles. The committee will also launch new working groups soon, like FMStoIP, passenger counting, and Electric Vehicles gap analysis.


The ITxPT secretariat will also conduct some pre-studies within different areas to prepare for upcoming topics in the Requirements Committee. The pre-studies don’t necessarily end up in actual working groups, but they can hint at what is coming further down the road. Examples of pre-studies are Transport-on-demand, Multimodal integrated ticketing, and Power management.

The Roadmap in detail

ITxPT Members find a detailed Roadmap in the Documentation Center on https://itxpt.org/. If you are not a member yet, please read more here and fill out the membership form at the bottom of the page to become a member.