ORing Joins ITxPT

The Taiwanese IT supplier ORing recently joined ITxPT. We welcome them to the ITxPT Collaborative Community. Read the ORing release:


ORing Joins ITxPT to be Better Aligned to Future Needs

As the number of network devices used in public transport systems increases, open architecture, data accessibility, and interoperability between IT systems has become increasingly important. Committed to providing reliable and high-performance networks for the public transport market, ORing has recently joined the ITxPT, a non-profit association devoted to the standardization of IT systems in the public transport sector in Europe.

As a long-term and major IT solution provider for the public transportation industry, ORing shares the same vision and commitment as the ITxPT association. ORing believes that it is to customers’ best interest that standardized IT architecture with open interfaces is used to enable interoperability for a variety of IT systems deployed in public transport. By becoming an ITxPT member, ORing will have access to the ITxPT platform to test its devices and solutions in real operational conditions, while staying on top of industry trends through cooperation with the community of the association. This will help ORing develop more future-proof products and solutions and provide stronger support for its customers.

Open standards offer more choices for customers, reduce development costs for software and hardware vendors, and eliminate vendor lock-in, thus providing higher value for both vendors and consumers. With ITxPT compliance, network devices provided by different suppliers can work together within one vehicle, significantly reducing the complexity and cost when customers need to expand their systems.

“Joining the ITxPT association will dramatically improve our competitive edges in the European public transportation market as our products will be able to enter the market more rapidly due to less development work needed for each individual solution and easier integration with third party systems,” said ORing CEO Angus Shih. “We can also use the joint test platform and exchange ideas with other developers and companies more constantly, thereby accelerating our innovation.”