Preview Releases and Public Drafts

The ITxPT Technical Committee has added two new types of releases for documents/specifications. The explanation below is a somewhat abbreviated extract from TR-001 General Design Rules.


Preview Release

A Preview Release is an official release of an ITxPT Specification that may be updated before a final release is done.

The purpose of using Preview Releases is to be able to release a specification that can be implemented, while still having the ability to fix critical issues, without the problem of compatibility with the Specification.

Preview Releases may be used to get the specifications out in the market ahead of the full ITxPT release happening later, as is being done for the FMStoIP 2.2.0 update, or it may be used so that one or more successful implementations can be seen before the specification is finalized.


The ITxPT Preview Release:

  • The specification is done. It has been reviewed by TC etc. just as if it was an official release. If no problems are found it will be released as non-preview without updates.
  • The specification will only be changed if problems that are serious for implementation, performance, or interoperability are found.
  • The changes made will be the “minimum needed”
  • Clarifications and other changes that aid the understanding of the specification will be done if all members that have started/done an implementation agrees.
  • Any member that has started/done an implementation of a preview release will be consulted on all proposed changes. This applies both to the service and to clients using the service.
  • If a module/service/vehicle/etc. is labeled against a preview release and later is labeled against the final release this will count as ONE activity.

The implementation of a Preview Release:

  • The implementers notify ITxPT that they have started implementation, so they can be consulted on changes (if members) and notified about updates. 
  • Any problems, large and small, are to be reported.
  • Any implementation shall be promptly updated to the final release version once it has been released.

Public Drafts

A Public Draft is a (version of) a specification or other document that ITxPT wishes to release for wider circulation. Unlike Preview Release, which has a number of promises about its state and how it will be managed, a public draft has none of that per default.

Each Public Draft should contain a description of its state and of the purpose of the public draft, and any expectations/promises made.