September 2021 Members Meeting

The 16th of September ITxPT Members Meeting was a well-attended and successful kick-off for the autumn activities. The main topics were the first results of the currently active ITxPT implementation survey, a walkthrough of the ITxPT Roadmap, and the Requirements Committee and the Technical Committee work. The members also got to meet the newest member of the ITxPT team, Lars Paape, responsible for developing the ITxPT labs.



Welcoming new members

Secretary General Anders Selling opened the meeting and took the opportunity to welcome the new ITxPT members and present a new ITxPT employee, Lars Paape, responsible for further developing the ITxPT labs and the labeling process. From the Gothenburg Lab as his main office, he will also lead and coordinate the Paris lab, the cloud lab, and new emerging labs in other locations.

Anders Selling also informed the members about the ongoing recruitment process to find lab engineers/developers for the Paris and Gothenburg labs. We welcome any tips about suitable candidates or applications if you are interested. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with ITxPT for more information.


Implementation Survey results

During the spring and summer, ITxPT initiated a large-scale survey to examine the level of ITxPT implementation in the industry. It is essential to understand how the specifications are used, implemented, and experienced to deliver specification development and implementation support according to industry needs.

Pascale Guyot presented the first conclusions from the ongoing survey. At the time of the meeting, 98 mobility actors had answered the survey, with responses from 21 different countries, spanning over the whole industry with PTA, PTO, Vehicle manufacturers, IT suppliers, and consultants contributing valuable information.

If you are interested in more details about the survey, please get in touch with ITxPT. The survey will continue until the end of 2021, and you can participate in the survey here.

Consultant workshop outcome

During the late summer, ITxPT intensified the work to include consultants more directly in the ITxPT activities. The ITxPT team shared some details from a workshop ITxPT held on the 8th of September with consultant companies from different countries to collect input and experiences on the role of the consultant in the ITxPT ecosystem.

Some of the ideas discussed were to produce a leaflet introducing ITxPT, the possibility for ITxPT to supply training, individual certification of consultants, and a catalog of certified consultants.

Learnings from the workshop are that there is a strong interest among consultants in training and understanding ITxPT to better support authorities and operators, who in many cases rely on the consultant for state-of-the-art architecture. With more knowledge of ITxPT, the consultants will supply better support in, for example, tendering and implementation processes.

ITxPT plans to develop an offer for consultants and welcome additional input from the industry on the matter.

ITxPT Roadmap

Anders Selling presented the roadmap, and the committee Chairmen, Guido Di Pascale and Emmanuel de Verdalle, explained their activities in connection to the roadmap.

The roadmap is a map of ongoing activities within ITxPT, and it shows a constant evolution of the ITxPT scope. The topics included Multimodal Integrated Ticketing, Power management, FMStoIP update, Passenger Counting, TiGR Hybrid&EV, MQTT, Coupling/Decoupling, Plug-and-Play Systems/Virtualization, Safety/Security/Cybersecurity, and Software OTA.

Anders Selling also took the opportunity to call for contribution among members. It is essential for ITxPT that members take part in the specification development process, and it is an excellent opportunity for members to set the standard for the future market. Therefore, the Secretary General welcomed all members to look at the roadmap to see where to best contribute.

Requirements Committee reporting

One news from the Requirements Committee is the pre-study concept that will be a part of the preparation for new topics in the Requirements Committee. The pre-studies define the scope and role of ITxPT and what to prioritize. The two ongoing requirements working group, Login Service and Passenger Information Systems, were also presented.

Technical Committee reporting

The Technical Committee presented its ongoing working groups; Automated Passenger Counting and Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Data. The members also learned about the specification design rules, the Data Centric concept, the data dictionary, MQTT and JSON.

It was also reported on a collaboration with VDV on Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure Data where fruitful meetings and open dialogue are ongoing to sync the ITxPT and VDV activities.

Committee meetings restarting

After a break, the committees will now commence their meetings every four weeks until the end of the year.

The first Requirements Committee meeting occurs on Wednesday the 6th of October.

The first Technical Committee occurs on Wednesday the 13th of October.

Reports from projects and labs

The meeting finished with a report from lab activities and a short walkthrough of the various projects ITxPT participates in, like Nordic Way 3, Rivsilon 2, Connecta3 (a part of Shift2Rail), Show, Data4PT, and Napcore.

The presentation from the Members Meeting is available for members through the ITxPT documentation center. If you are not a member, don’t hesitate to contact ITxPT for more information.