March 2022 Members Meeting

On the 24th of March, ITxPT held the first Members Meeting of 2022. The meeting addressed many exciting topics, looking back at last year, through the 2021 Activity Report, reporting on activities from this year, like lab activities and new members, and looking forward through the ITxPT roadmap and upcoming activities. ITxPT also took the opportunity to release a short film explaining the role of ITxPT in a connected world and the future of mobility.


The ITxPT Roadmap

One of the Members Meetings’ primary objectives is the roadmap, which shows the progress of the specification development process and upcoming topics. It is the essence of ITxPT and our work to develop the scope and quality of the specifications. The next significant event is releasing the specification version 2.2.0 in April or May.


Activity Report 2021

The 2021 Activity Report summarizes the ITxPT activities. Secretary General Anders Selling presented the report with a few takeaways, like increased market awareness and demand of ITxPT. He also mentioned implementations, specification development, and the projects in which ITxPT is involved and encouraged downloading the Activity Report and using it to increase knowledge about the organization and the activities of the Collaborative Community.

Focus for 2022

For 2022 ITxPT will increase its focus on improving implementation from an industry, PTA, and PTO perspective. With the new possibility for live events, ITxPT will also increase its networking activities, trade shows, and possible physical Members Meetings. Another main activity for 2022 is establishing local labs.


ITxPT film release

At the meeting, ITxPT released a newly made film. In one minute, it explains the role of ITxPT in a connected world and the future of mobility. ITxPT will allow members to customize the film with their logo, with language adaptation through subtitles and audio and more specific changes, like maps of their city, colors, etc. Please get in touch with ITxPT if this would interest you.


Implementation support

The ITxPT staff gave a short walkthrough of activities to support implementation for different actors. For PTA and PTO, there is a need to share implementation use cases among peers, which they can do through the implementation workshops. There is also a need for support from experienced consultants, which ITxPT aims to facilitate through consultant workshops. The industry needs additional tools and laboratories, which ITxPT works on accommodating by establishing local laboratories and developing new and existing tools. Automation and remote lab services are also under development.


ITxPT Ambassadors

The concept of ITxPT Ambassadors is a new opportunity for individuals to help spread the ITxPT word. There are already people with knowledge doing that, and with the Ambassador role, they can speak for the association, answer questions and explain what ITxPT stands for. ITxPT is now ready to take the step to support this role formally. It is open for all members to become an ambassador, and the concept will be explained more in detail at the Ambassadors workshop on the 28th of April.

ITxPT labs

Lars Paape, the ITxPT lab manager, reported that the lab has worked through the labeling backlog, and the process is back to regular operation. He also noted that the remote testing with a virtual machine is in continuous improvement and that labeling against different versions of the ITxPT specifications is underway. ITxPT is developing local labs with SNCF in Le Mans and TPG in Geneva to scale up the lab capacity. The aim is to have the labs established in 2022.