September 29 Members Meeting

ITxPT goes Heavy Rail

Hot topics

Driven by the members needs, the ITxPT collaborative community works around:
– Cybersecurity
– Multimodal Integrated Ticketing
– Demand Responsive Transport
– Electric vehicles data and infrastructure
– Automatic Passenger Counting

The strong interest in bringing heavy rail requirements into the scope of TxPT, confirmed at the recent Innotrans exhibition, paves the way for a multimodal IT architecture for the whole of public transport, focused on consistent interoperability, modular scalability and data access.

Specification release 2.2

Published in early July, the new version 2.2 of the ITxPT technical specifications is still open source, free of charge and accessible to all from the ITxPT documentation centre. Check out the latest changes and the full version there. If you haven’t created an account yet, sign up here, it’s free!

Projects participation

ITxPT engages in projects to explore new areas of the IT in Public Transport and links the ITxPT work with the formal European standardisation bodies like the CEN.

We are involved in Nordic Way, Rivsilon2 / BaaS, Connecta3, Napcore, SHOW and Data4PT.

If you would like to join the active ITxpt community and contribute to future ITxPT specifications, contact us for more information.