Welcome new members

The ITxPT association is happy to welcome new members, expanding its geographical coverage and activities and demonstrating the interest of its members for shared good practices and interoperability.

Strategic Members

PT Authorities / PT Operators

Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore – Upgrade

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is responsible for overseeing land transport developments in Singapore. Their role includes planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the country’s land transport infrastructure and systems. LTA’s primary goal is to enhance Singapore’s land transport connectivity by implementing a more environmentally friendly and inclusive public transport system, as well as promoting walking and cycling options. LTA utilizes technology to improve their rail and bus infrastructure and explore innovative solutions for future land transport needs.

Over the years, significant changes have occurred in the land transport network since LTA’s establishment in 1995. These changes include the development of over 160 km of expressways across the island, a network of over 200 km of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines, the establishment of 120 km of cycling paths, and the introduction of diverse commuting alternatives.


National Transport Authority (NTA) Ireland – New member

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is a statutory non-commercial body that operates under the Department of Transport. Its primary responsibility is to develop and implement strategies to ensure high-quality, accessible, and sustainable transport across Ireland.

One of the key functions of the NTA is to create and execute a transport strategy specifically for the Greater Dublin Area. Additionally, the Authority plays a significant role in developing transport strategies in regional cities. Under the brand Transport for Ireland, the NTA funds and oversees Public Service Obligation (PSO) public transport, guaranteeing that essential bus and rail services are accessible to communities throughout the country.

Furthermore, the NTA serves as the licensing authority for the commercial bus sector and Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs).


Principal Members

IT suppliers

CISCO – New member

Cisco’s Portfolio for Transportation addresses key areas of rail and mass transit systems:

  • Passenger Experience: Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time updates, and seamless communication via mobile apps and digital signage.
  • Safety, Security, and Asset Management: Video surveillance, access control, emergency communication, and asset tracking solutions.
  • Signaling and Control Systems: Network-based systems to optimize train movements, traffic flow, and operational efficiency.
  • Freight Operations: Optimizes freight operations with real-time asset tracking, supply chain visibility, and analytics tools.
  • Workforce Operations: Collaboration tools, workforce management systems, and mobile apps for improved communication, task management, and productivity.

Associated Members

PT Authorities / PT Operators

TRIMET – New member

TriMet is a public agency that provides bus, light rail and commuter rail service in the Portland, Oregon, region.

As of July 2022, TriMet operates a total of 696 buses on 85 routes, 145 MAX light rail cars on five lines, and 253 LIFT paratransit vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturers

BYD Europe New member

BYD has been established in Europe for over 20 years and provides pure electric buses, already driving in over 20 countries and in 100 major European cities, with the goal of making public transport emission-free.

CAF New member

CAF designs, manufactures and implements comprehensive transport systems. Its range of products and services includes urban and long-distance trains, buses, components, signalling systems, services, comprehensive systems and concessions.

YES EU New member

YES-EU is a group of companies specializing in new energy projects and green transportation solutions. They provide electric buses, chargers, and energy storage systems. They have expertise in high voltage solutions and offer comprehensive services for e-buses. YES-EU is established in several European countries and have been pioneers in introducing e-mobility in Scandinavia with over 400 electric buses delivered.

IT suppliers


Parkway Autonomous is offering a comprehensive turnkey system integrating smart infrastructure, fleet management, communication systems, power optimization, and passenger interfaces. This integrated approach prioritizes safety, sustainability, and efficiency in response to the challenges faced by public transit agencies.


Tongda supplies onboard intelligent information management system, electric automotive products and onboard parts for bus and coach manufacturers.