Laboratory FAQ


The process for receiving the ITxPT label requires completion of a few steps.

The ITxPT label is offered as proof of compliance for any vehicle, software or equipment.

The ITxPT label can be obtained by any supplier who has passed the compliance tests within the label procedure. It is not necessary to be an ITxPT member to apply for the label, the application form is available in the procedure or directly here. The related fees are detailed on this page.

All ITxPT-compliant equipment is listed in the ITxPT catalogue, also available in the ITxPT Documentation Centre.

The first module was labeled in 2017 and since then several vehicles and modules have been tested for compliance with ITxPT and have officially received the label.


The ITxPT laboratories offer services for ITxPT Principal and Strategic Members to test and validate modules and services compliance with related specifications. Test sessions can be booked on request.

Visits of the showroom and test bench of ITxPT laboratories can be organized for all interested PT stakeholders who want to find out more about ITxPT architecture.