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The non-profit ITxPT association is mainly funded by membership fees.

Few additional services are offered to support the implementation of the ITxPT specifications.


Organisations and companies involved in Public Transport are welcome to join the ITxPT non profit association: Public Transport authorities, operators, transit agencies, IT suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

3 levels of membership are available to adjust the level of commitment: Strategic, Principal or Associated.

Check the Membership page for more details.

Unitary costs:

  • module or back-office: EUR 5.000
  • vehicle type: EUR 20.000

Travel and logistic fees are excluded from the service.

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The ITxPT label can be applied to products, modules or vehicles after passing the tests in the ITxPT laboratory. Check the detailed procedure to follow and be listed in the ITxPT catalogue once you have passed the compliance tests. All the tests are based on the free ITxPT specifications available in the ITxPT Documentation Center (register for free).

The label costs includes:

  • preliminary remote tests (max. 1 day of remote testing by a test engineer)
  • final test session (max. 1 day of physical testing by a test engineer)
  • technical support regarding the compliance tests
  • delivery of the test report stating the ITxPT label delivery

Technical Support

The answers to most questions can be found in the ITxPT specifications. Additional support from ITxPT staff will be charged at EUR 350 per hour. Ask for a proposal to estimate the lead time and the number of hours required for your request.

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