How often are the ITxPT specifications updated?

Three levels of updates can be applied to ITxPT specifications, incremented in their release number vA.B.C:

  • Corrective update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.0.1):
    • Applied as soon as an error or bug is reported
    • Frequency: several times a year (if requested)
  • Details update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.1.0):
    • Based on input of experiences and feedback from members
    • Frequency: maximum twice a year (if requested)
  • Main update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.0.0):
    • Includes key extensions and/or changes of current scope based on workgroups and/or project outcomes
    • Frequency: maximum once a year (if requested)

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