What is ITxPT architecture?

The EBSF project defined a set of needs of major stakeholders, travellers, operators and authorities for innovative bus systems in urban and suburban areas using new technologies for vehicles and infrastructure.

ITxPT architecture describes a set of services and the way these services interact or exchange information using an IP network in order to satisfy these needs.

The services are described by focusing on key PT applications like Advanced Vehicle Monitoring System, Dynamic Passenger Information and Remote Diagnosis, defining services such as:

  • Vehicle Gateway
  • Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVMS)
  • Multi application driver terminal (MADT)
  • Dynamic passenger information (DPI)
  • Vehicle Fleet Management System (FMS) interface to IP bridge
  • Pre-diagnostic
  • Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVMS) integration
  • Dynamic passenger information (DPI) integration

The ITxPT services were grouped into three sides:

  • Vehicle side
  • Back office side and Vehicle – Back-office communication
  • Back-office interoperability

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