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NAPCORE – National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe

Time: 10-11 CET

Meeting form:

The meeting takes place in the form of a formal EC call:

Call for proposals concerning the Programme Support Action (PSA) for the implementation of a Coordination mechanism to federate the National Access Points established under the ITS Directive (2010/40/EU).

Project duration:

From 09/2021 until 12/2024

Project summary: 

The general objective of this action is to empower the National Access Points (NAPs) as the backbone for ITS digital infrastructure. It will facilitate national & EU wide operational coordination for the harmonisation and implementation of the European specifications.

It has become apparent that NAPs and national bodies in each country are faced with common challenges and are looking for common solutions through working together. New challenges such as data collection activities and negotiations with private data providers and/or global players would benefit from being addressed jointly. The action « NAPCORE » was built in this spirit of consultation and cooperation. It is supported by all the Member States of the European Union and some associated countries.

Its specific objectives are to create a coordinated European mechanism of National Access Points based on a coordinated governance and architecture, interoperability, standards and services. It is based on the position paper of the NAP&NB Harmonisation Group in order to strengthen the position and the role of NAP and to support steps towards the creation of European-wide solutions to facilitate the use of EU-wide data.