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How can I be notified of the new updates?

Specification updates are announced in the ITxPT website, in the news section and in the ITxPT Documentation Center which hosts the specifications. The ITxPT newsletter does also share the news, and you can subscribe below. Social networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn also broadcast such updates.

How often are the ITxPT specifications updated?

Three levels of updates can be applied to ITxPT specifications, incremented in their release number vA.B.C: Corrective update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.0.1): Applied as soon as an error or bug is reported Frequency: several times a year (if requested) Details update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.1.0): Based on input of experiences and feedback from members Frequency: maximum twice a year (if requested) Main update vA.B.C (e.g. v2.0.0): Includes key extensions and/or changes of current scope based on workgroups and/or project outcomes Frequency: maximum once a year (if requested)

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